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TASSLOCK RADBI edition is excellent model security system for Motorcycle with Automatic Immobilizing system sensor. TYPE -C USB CHARGING with 45+ days standby + immobilizer

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Made in Taiwan

DSST Technology  sensor –Digital Spread Spectrum Technology

Tasslock Radbi edition is excellent model security system for motorcycle with Automatic Immobilizing system sensor.


PKE, RFID Combo & Automatic immobilizer

Hands-free smart remote, just walk up and ride with RFID technology

Automatic Ignition on when you PRESS REMOTE, turn off engine with lock when you leave bike alone. No need to press anything. Yes it’s Magic. 

If your bypass the bike key cable or if you break everything still you cannot start the motorbike. Master Key and Original key cannot start the motorbike. In case of robbery or hijack just get down from bike and ran away, Bike will automatically locked and 125db sound will alarm. Even if someone try to carry your bike into a Van or truck your remote will alarm and vibrate, also bike will siren loudly. If You cut all wires and disconnect the Tasslock from motorbike, still cannot start.

Fall in love with our NEW features

* LED Wireless Display ( Curve Shield)
* USB Type C Charging (45+days)
* Digital Color Animation Display
* Network, battery voltage checker
* Remote Silent
* UV matte color
* Integrated immobilizer chip
* Magic Touch Automatic On
* Remote Silent Mode
* Hazard Light Blinker
* Hongkong Relay – 20 Amp
* Passive Keyless Entry Faster
* New Design interface
* ABS Plastic


  • Automatic start the bike when you touch anywhere your motorcycle. And automatic shutdown ignition + Lock the engine when you go far from your bike.
  • Remote can be silent with vibration when you are at prayer room or meeting.
  • You can turn on hazard light while running and even bike is totally off.
  • After Turn off the bike, The Motorcycle will Lock automatically in 3 seconds.
  • Motorcycle will automatically unlock when you come near to the bike.
  • 125db Loud alarm will siren if somebody touch the bike.
  • In emergency you can turn on hazard lights standby mode from Remote control
  • Built in immobilizer system.
  • If somebody touch your Motorcycle, your remote key ring will alarm & vibrate.
  • If captured by robber or hijacker, just give key to hijacker and run away*. Motorcycle will automatically locked and engine Shutdown.
  • If you know Motorcycle wiring, so that you can install Tasslock by yourself.
  • If any thief cut the Tasslock battery connection, still Motorcycle will not start and remote will alarm + vibrates continuously.
  • Tasslock has got 5 level of sensitivity mode. you can control the shake sensitivity level.
  •  You can check whether you are in the range or out of network. Remote has got range indicator.
  • We got range from 20th floor multi store building.
  • Tasslock is impossible to hack or jammed by any jammer or roll jam.
  • In case of mid night robbery, if a robber take away everything from you, you just ran away from Motorcycle and Motorcycle will be locked automatically.
  • If you want to add GPS tracker with Tasslock, then please talk to our sales team.
  • We have a fun option for friends. If you say START to Motorcycle, and the bike will automatically turn on. if you say STOP and the bike will stop immediately.
  • We are providing a AAA size battery which can be used at least 5/6 Months*.
  • If you lock the Motorcycle and out of range, Then the Motorcycle will remain locked, if somebody try to steal then the Motorcycle will siren 125DB sound.
  •  We have finder option, you can find your Motorcycle easily among thousand bikes.
  • Motorcycle can be locked and mute like mobile, while at prayer room or meeting.
  • 24 hours notification signal.
  • Tasslock has safety fuse, so if any problem occurs in wiring, The Motorcycle wires will not be effected.
  • Tasslock has built in indicator turn alert sound.
  • If someone cut Tasslock wires or hack the system, still Motorcycle cannot start because of backup security and you get unlimited remote alert and vibration.
  • . As like mobile phone you can silent the Motorcycle as required. after silent, only key ring will alarm & Vibrate but Motorcycle will not alarm. But Locked.If you doubt someone may steal the Motorcycle fuel. then you can catch the thief. (Mode 5 silent.)
  • If someone rob the Tasslock remote or Bike key at midnight. Still he cannot start the bike*.
  • If some one break Tasslock completely still Motorcycle cannot start.
  • you can ride the Motorcycle without key. In that case security will work 100%.
  • 100% immobilizer system when you ride motorcycle without key.
  • If your Motorcycle parked among thousand bikes, you can locate the Motorcycle with finder button.
  • Sometimes we have few friends they always ask for Motorcycle, if this happen with you and you give the bike key to your friend. but he cannot run. and bike will have no sound. So that your friend cannot understand anything.
  • When you ride the Motorcycle without key. and caught by robber or hijacker. you can turn off full electric function of your motorcycle.
  • 32. Tasslock is made of ABS plastic. So its long lasting.
  • AAA battery is free with every Tasslock.
  • We have safety fuse, so the Motorcycle wiring will not be affected.
  • Tasslock wires are heat and fire proof.
  • 1 year warranty* + Service.

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100% Install Support via Whatsapp 

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