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Tasslock Distributor Terms & Conditions

Tasslock Auto has made a decision to appoint a unique distributor for each region. A unique distributor refers to someone located in a regional city, covering all districts, police stations, and sub-districts within that regional area. The distributor will supply products in each district of the region as a sole distributor. Upon achieving the monthly sales target, a 5% cashback will be provided on the total investment. If the target is not met, a 2.5% cashback will be offered. The cashback can be utilized by the distributor for personal use or to reward their best dealer.


  1. Payment must be made in advance for each product from Tasslock Auto. No product will be supplied to the distributor without payment.

  2. For each month, a minimum purchase of products worth 250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand) Taka is required for the city area.

  3. For each district in the city, a minimum purchase of products worth 65,000 (sixty-five thousand) Taka is required per month.

  4. The company will deliver products to the distributor at its own cost. However, the distributor must ensure that products are delivered to all districts within their region. The distributor must stock products for the entire region for 31 days.

  5. Prices for distributors, shops, and consumers will remain the same nationwide, and no changes will be allowed. There will be no alterations or modifications to the products.

  6. Incentives will be based on sales every four months.

  7. Inform the company of any services you require. The company will make efforts to provide you with services. A $100 boosting will be available monthly for each region, with a Tasslock Auto admin and an editor assigned.

  8. Tasslock Auto will provide online marketing, banners, digital banners, etc. No sales of security or tracking products from other companies are allowed.

  9. Based on demand/performance, we will provide digital signboards for various dealers and sellers.

  10. Company will handle marketing as per your requirements, but you must ensure 100% customer support, as our primary goal is to provide customer service.

  11. The company will arrange training as per your needs. You are also responsible for training your dealers or sub-dealers.

  12. If any distributor fails to meet the monthly target for three consecutive months, the distributorship will be canceled. If the target is not met in a particular month, that amount will be added to the next month. Failure to meet the target will result in no cashback. If any distributor/dealer discloses business inefficiency, they will receive a refund for the remaining product quantity, and their dealership will be canceled.

  13. If a district dealer cannot find products from the underlined distributor, the head office will directly send products, and this sale will not be included in the monthly target.

  14. It is mandatory to reach most of the shops in each city area to deliver our products.

  15. The distributor must recruit dealers and sellers in various district cities and regional cities. The responsibility of ensuring each dealer and seller’s service in their designated area lies with the distributor. No complaints will be accepted in this regard.

  16. The distributor will be responsible for all customer service. Tasslock Auto is a service-dependent organization, and each customer complaint is highly important to us.

  17. We emphasize your priority in online selling.

  18. Tasslock Auto reserves the right to change any decision at any time.

  19. Under no circumstances can any other company’s security or similar products be sold or kept.

  20. No additional charge will be accepted from the customer for Tasslock GPS installation or service. However, if the customer voluntarily wants to pay, it will be accepted, and no complaints will be entertained from the mentioned customer. If any complaint is proven, Tasslock Auto holds the authority to take any decision.

  21. If a customer raises a complaint of fraud, Tasslock Auto will consider the decision received as final. There is no scope for any kind of arbitration in this regard.

  22. For incentives, points 2 and 3 must be completed.

  23. You must stay in touch with your division, and discussions will be held for new agreements after the contract ends.

  24. If the second party causes any harm to Tasslock Auto due to any action, the contract will be canceled.

  25. Tasslock Auto expects distributors to be present alongside customers in case of any legal fraud.

  26. If a product from one division is unofficially taken to another division, the dealer/distributor from that division will receive the penalty collected, and it will be mentioned in the complaint. No distributor/dealer will engage in any business disclosure.

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